Transparency on sustainability

The KATAG Sustainability Index creates transparency on the sustainability of brands. Exclusively for participating retailers and brand suppliers, the B2B solution provides a comprehensive insight into the sustainability of fashion brands. The index contains a standardized preparation of detailed data in a clearly arranged form. Are you already registered? Log in!


As a retailer, you can use the Sustainability Index for sales talks with consumers, as a reference tool for purchasing and for internal training purposes.

You will receive presented information on the performance of brand suppliers regarding their sustainability in various core areas. With our support you can benchmark existing and new brand suppliers. Your comparison of brands' sustainability attributes can assist you in your decision: which brand suits the sustainability of your fashion business?

Brand Suppliers

As a supplier, you can use the Sustainability Index for sales talks with consumers at your POS to recommend your brand|s, to communicate the sustainability of your brand|s to retailers (to end cosumers) and as a benchmarking tool. Your own score in various core areas of sustainability issues enables you to compare yourself with other suppliers and gain new inspiration.

About us

In 2019 the KATAG AG has sent a sustainability questionnaire to fashion brand suppliers for the first time. The answers were only published for KATAG retail partners and participating suppliers in a sustainability register.

In 2022 a comprehensive market analysis was carried out, a new concept was set up and a new tool now called the Sustainability Index was developed.

Since 2023 the Sustainability Index has been accessible to retailers and brand suppliers. The core value of our tool is the uniform structured und visualized data of attributes relating to the sustainability of brands, the saving of resources (employees, working hours) for data transfer, the overview and explanations of certificates as well as further information on sustainability.

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